It’s alive!? Almost…

My brother and I have been preparing my XD to run again. It has been in storage for two years.

First stage was pushing it out of the cramped garage and surveying what elements needed to be replaced or replenished. All liquids will be drained (coolant, oil and fuel) to be replaced. It needs some new fuel lines. New battery. Tyres need to be inflated. Plus I need to put on the rear numberplate. Oh, and the rego needs to be paid.

XD Falcon, out of the garage. Click for some more photos.

I got everything organised last night. Stands, trolley jack, tools, a couple of batteries, battery charger, oil, coolant, a jerry can, half a dozen empty oil and coolant containers, and some new fuel lines. Today we will hopefully get most of this work done. I am not sure if it is going to fire up or not. There are no obvious reasons apparent at this stage why it shouldn’t start first time. It was running sweet when it was put into storage.

The last time I went through this process (about 4 years ago) I discovered coolant in the sump which means that a head gasket had blown. This triggered the excruciatingly slow process of changing a head gasket on a large V8 engine for the first time. I had to hire a torque wrench and those iron 4V heads are not bloody light!! It was worth it though when the old crusty dude down at the auto parts place wouldn’t believe that I wanted gaskets for real 4V heads.

I am only worried about the security/alarm system. If that is buggered I have no idea how to fix it.

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  1. had some dramas (didn’t have an oil drain tray — had to get one, fuel lines and filter were totally rooted — new lines and filter, batteries were useless — new battery, fuel lines then needed priming — had to go home and get old electric fuel pump), but after all that…

    fired into life second crank of the starter motor!!!

    reow rewhoom whomwhomwhomwhomwhom


    sounds totally awesome, woke up some of the gentrifying fucks who had moved into that street, lol take that teh bourgies!

    video tomorrow

    now i need to get it streetable (check lights, etc) and do the cooling system.

    then it is driving time 🙂

    from what i have seen since being back there is no old school V8 action in my neighborhood either.

    all smiles at the moment 🙂 🙂

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