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I bought a copy of Men’s Health the other day. Men’s Health is a direct masculine equivalent to something like Cleo. As Latour might say it has many ‘offers of subjectivation’. I have bought the magazine before, mainly because some advertised workout or something on the front cover has caught my interest. The most recent issue has an article on metabolism. It really doesn’t provide that much information! In fact it is mostly about some guy who got his caloric burn measured. One very interesting idea was to have a ‘stand up computer’ in front of a treadmill and walk continually at a slowish pace. I have often thought about similar contraptions, mostly involving excercise bikes not treadmills (bikes at much cheaper). I am seriously going to investigate this. I already have a wireless keyboard and mouse. Like not to be riding all the time, but, for example, I take an hour every morning over breakfast to check my emails and blog subscriptions, and all my favourite TV shows have started up again, so I am watching at least 45 minutes of TV a night. The reason why I have thought about this is the same reason why the guy in the article was walking at a ‘standing desk’ — to keep his metabolism going.

energyman from the NBC show Heroes

Metabolism is basically the body’s rate of energy consumption. The higher the metabolism, the higher the rate of energy consumption. I started thinking about metabolism when I was back home in Perth over the summer ‘break’ (what break!?!?). I realised that I should stop trying to ‘lose weight’ and I should concentrate more on modulating my metabolism to maximise the rate of energy consumption and the amount of energy consumed. Instead of a rate of energy consumption, I tend to think of metabolism as a wave; a particular combination of elements in mixture. The article described it in terms of keeping the bodily fires stoked, but riding a wave is a better metaphor because it requires far more balance than a mere equation can provide.

silver surfer

Anyway, I have begun thinking about my metabolism. This is meant to require keeping active throughout the day and consuming many small meals. I am working on the many small meals thing as I normally have a large meal after I get home from the gym and I don’t like eating much at all during the day because I am working and besides it makes me feel sick at the gym (taste lunch twice!). I have been modifying this with eating fruit (apples and bananas) at regular intervals. However, I seriously like the idea of getting on my bike and checking email first thing in the morning!!! I could spread my excercise out throughout the day.

PS I just made myself laugh for about half an hour entering this competition for Ben Sherman clothes. To enter you had to answer a question:

Q: Tell us, in 25 words or less, where does Ben Sherman best work for you – work or play?
A: Ben Sherman used to work best for me when at work making me clothes, but he died in 1987.

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