this ain’t a scene

This video is the funniest thing i have seen for ages.

As a related sidenote, Perth, the city of bogans, is also a city of emo haters. I am often mistaken for emo, cause of my awesome ties, tighty-blackies, and black shirts. [edit: here is me with my little sis about to destroy NYE.] There are not too many Cultural Studies postgrads types in Perth, either, it seems. Lucky I am bigger than most hip hop tragics out to find some ‘bash me emos’. Is it because they realise they will always be ugly and stupid, these fast-track accountants who dream of being bricklayers? Eat some more KFC! Do it!

Oh and I have a couple of monster Whitehead posts in the works, hence the lack of blog post action. One is on The Concept of Nature and the other is on Process and Reality.

Oh and I am staying in Perth until the 13th for the Sydney crew (who aren’t) wondering where I am. (Just in time for Anne’s going-away drinks and a court appearance! woohoo!)

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