As dangerous as a midnight coffee

I am starting up a meme. It is called the “As dangerous as a midnight coffee” meme.

Blurb: Five songs for going nuts when IT HAS TO BE DONE. This isn’t the Nike Just Do It song list of inspiration. It is a savage beast that attacks your weaknesses, and gives you the perspective of sickness, thus forcing you to be stronger. The songs have to currently be on a portable music playing device that you listen to at midnight brewing a coffee and getting ready to attack IT (or comparable scenario).

My Five:

5) “PM’s Love Theme Song” Love Actually OST, Craig Armstrong. It sounds a bit like the theme music to The West Wing, but with triumphant British sex.

4) “The Power of Love” Various places (I have Greatest Hits), Huey Lewis & the News. Yeah, Patrick Bateman and Deloreans. Metrosexual serial killers and time travelling. I think this is capitalism’s theme song. I’ve got a theme song vibe going on here.

3) “Anyway You Want It” Revolutions per Minute, Rise Against. I am shaking something, it may be the Foucault book I am holding or it could be my booty. Or it could be an earthquake. In that case I’d better put some clothes back on.

2) “Call On Me” Eric Prydz. If I ever became a Bateman, this is the song that would do it for me. Theme song to a future serial killer… who time travels.

1) “Everchanging” The Unravelling, Rise Against. Heroic Bergsonian neo-Punk. You just know this is some fucked-up shit. It is capturing the depths from where I am propelling myself. Perfect.

Let’s see. If at all possible I would like to have responses from five:

Cliff, Dogpossum, Mel G, Mel C, and Jean (and Xian, seeing as though he has resurfaced, but maybe not on his flash new blog.)

6 replies on “As dangerous as a midnight coffee”

  1. Flash new blog? I’ll cut you! Rise Against? I’ll cut you twice!

    The Fall – Blindness

    There is nothing like the bassline which occupies all registers of your being, insists on bodily movement, as M.E.S. shits all over those who came after him.

    David Sylvian – Ghosts

    This song heals the spirit with black ichor. A great song to format bibliographies to.

    Husker Du – Don’t Wanna Know If You Are Lonely

    How can we talk of things like punk making a comeback? The extent to which people are free is the extent to which they know this song. It is the same metric. No drumming before or since has.

    The Knife – Silent Shout

    The screams and pops all over The Knife’s Silent Shout album elevate it to one of the most ‘get r done’ sounds of the past few years, a great track to deploy at midnight to starve your fears and wait for rain.

    Magyar Posse – Whirlpool of Terror and Tension

    Simply, forcefully, incomparable. No other track elevates my psyche just like this at the moment. Play it loud, play it proud.

    Honouraries: James Brown, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Judas Priest’ last album, Gojira, Isis, Opeth. But metal is too obvious and can give out the wrong energy for work.

  2. punk is so obviously dead it isn’t even a joke anymore. and i wouldn’t even classify the du as punk seeing as how they came out of the hardcore scene and then turned into something so very different in the mid 80s.

  3. fuck, graham, i should’ve popped you with this meme, considering, like, you know moe about tunes than pretty much anybody I have met in the last year.

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