Manage Your Debt

On one side of my local shopping centre (‘mall’) there are spruikers for charities trying to get me to consume some anti-guilt. Opposite the exit of an upwards esculator to the same level is this little machine where you can exchange your immortal soul for the good old bourgeois dream. If you have forgotten, death to the home. Actually, there is an Oxfarm on the level below and I think I might buy some ‘no sweat‘ sneakers next time I have some money.

9 replies on “Manage Your Debt”

  1. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh not long and i\’ll b there. might b gettin laptop so i can bring it over coz i\’ll need to do bit of uni work while im there!! woooohooo!! is it cold over there?

  2. re flannies, coles have them on special at the moment
    however, clare is bringing my akademix gown to dress up for the gleebooks harry potter train. oh, and my akademix leather jacket so i can dress appropriately for book launches 😉

  3. oh … you are such a noive *sigh* *roll eyes* skivvy darling

    BTW I was a harry potter at the first of the series. giving out popcorn at the cinemas hahaha

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