The notion of being ‘available’ is important for exchange-based cultures such as ours. What does it mean to be ‘available’? There are different modalities of availability. For something to be exchanged it has to enter circulation and be rendered ‘available’ as such. Mechanisms for ‘making available’ are important socio-techologies. The new Collapse journal (photo) from […]


So I have finished my scene chapter. In this chapter I outline my event-based conception of the scene as an incorporeal movement across different events of material action that belong to the scene. Well ‘finished’ is probably the wrong word. It is about 90% finished in the sense that I have made sure to include […]

Truth: Jericho and Battlestar

There are some interesting cross-show movements in the most recent Battlerstar Galactica and Jericho episodes involving the relation between fathers and sons, truth, and space/mobility. I am most pleased with Jericho’s recent developments because that show, albeit very interesting, seemed to be playing out some kind of lame soap opera in post-apocalyptic middle-America and was […]