Enthusiasm: From Affect to Biopower

Extract from a Zizek essay (bold added): —- —- —- Foucault dealt with this shift in his writings on the Iranian revolution, where he opposes the historical reality of a complex process of social, cultural, economic, political, etc., transformations to the magic event of the revolt which somehow suspends the cobweb of historical causality – […]


A friend dedicated a song to me tonight. Yes, playing a gig! It startled me a little. I have my patterns for living so even the contingences I need to deal with or encounter are repeated contingencies and to a certain extent have already been anticipated. But this was unexpected and probably won’t be repeated. […]

“It-ness” as Object=x of consumption

Apparently a wave of bourgie bag mania has hit Britain. Marked with the slogan “I’m not a plastic bag” – the bag (reusable cotton) is part of a campaign to make consumers more aware of the perils of plastic bags. […] Quite whether the crowds who began gathering from 2am had the environment on their […]