Li-lly! A-llen! Li-lly! A-llen!

The best thing about this story — besides the fact she was calling George Bush an “arsehole and a cunt” — is that she was only “allegedly drunk on stage”. Ahhh, neo-con entertainment news services, when will you learn this makes her even more awesome?

Lest you think she is an anarchist foot soldier fighting the fight against all social stratifications, she was also in the news for reacting poorly to a satirical pop song “LDN is a victim” poking fun at middle-class British pop stars who assume a ‘common’ (nee ‘working class’?) identity. (The song is mostly shit, sounding like a Korean gamer in a WoW gaming farm reprogrammed a SEGA Master System in his 5 minute daily break to play along with a 14 year old fish ‘n’ chip shop attendent rapping in the closet with his 17 year old sugar daddy.)

Number one bourgie in the global pop music industry is: Lilly Allen! What a f’ckin hottie!!! She has impeccable bourgie credentials. Growing up in a privileged life in the class-based society of Britain has given her a sharp sense of her own middle-class guilt about her equally perceptive sense of injustice obvious in the world around her.

Desire in uneasiness, Allen. Desire in uneasiness.

Go Team Bourgie!

(Massive post cooking on the “Problematic of Value”)