Sonnet #IB

Inspired by a number of occurences and events — firstly Shakespeare being mentioned in a university workplace stoush about poststructuralism in a newspaper article via Mel’s blog, and secondly the other Mel’s post about Beyonce being Crazy in Love in part in reference to a previous post on event, structure and romance, oh and thirdly the latest Dr Who episode discussed briefly by K-Punk here (they visit Shakespeare), and lastly a fuse blowing at work — here is my “Sonnet #IB”.

Can I compare your multiplicity?
From ideal dialectic crucible,
To fumbling with complexity;
Thou art singular, irreducible.

In delight I sight the grace of your line,
No measure, fair maiden, without fare paid;
Yet, series betwixt signified and sign,
The eternal truth of Kairos won’t fade.

Your grace in rhythm rotates perspective,
Suturing the chance from contingency.
To be worthy is not an elective,
But willing the truth’s emergen(t)cy!

Fuse blown, instants ago, eyes cannot see,
Spectral shadows as together: you, me.