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  1. Dammit! I wanna know what’s up with VM, but I don’t want anything spoiled.

    Is your post simply about a plot development in Season 3 (which those pricks at Ch.10 rudely pulled off the air after only a couple of episodes)? If it is, then I’m happy to remain in blissful ignorance. since I’ll be buying the DVDs when they’re released in the US.

    But if there’s news that’s unrelated to the plot, etc…..

  2. yes, plot related.

    DO NOT READ IT!!!!!

    it makes season three worth watching.

    don’t do any googling for VM either because it is on all the fan sites.

    i normally don’t get happy when watching TV shows, but i whooped and jumped around for a little bit after the end of the most recent episode.

  3. Ah, thanks for the warning! Can’t wait…. Only another 2 or 3 months til the DVD release, I think.

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