bestest t-shurt d-zign eva

Mel txt’d me about this Melbourne-based online t-shirt design business.

I just designed and ordered my dream t-shirt. I hope it arrives by the weekend.

It was the most expensive t-shirt I ever bought.

However, I will gladly die after having worn it.

(Is that totally Gen-X or what? The holy grail as the perfect t-shirt. However, the ‘perfection’ of which is built into the contingency of the planned material and cultural obsolescence of the t-shirt itself. So what is worn is less a hegelian expression of some neoplatonic identity-essence [being] and more the passing of the lived connection of one’s material existence [becoming].)

I have never been this happy about buying a t-shirt.

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  1. is this the dj vs ipod debate? a sure fire ice-breaker with your bourgie girls on the dance floor?

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