The best bit in the new Spiderman movie is like when the dude from 30 Seconds From Mars is like laying into the dude from like My Chemical Romance, but they like take turns in being all dark and moody and all angry about HOW FUCKED THE WORLD IS! THE WORLD IS FUCKED and I felt so good when i saw them all getting so angry…

The strutting, bustin-out “Parker is teh emo” scene is hilarious. My fellow movie patrons and I were losing it.

I like the way the Spiderman films fold the different dimensions of Spiderman/Parker’s life into each other. But this is pure propaganda. It effaces structural inequality and replaces it with some nonsense mantra about idealist individualism and always having a ‘choice’ etc.

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  1. yes, emo replaces the ruthless english villain, terrorism and the evil north korean guy. this time, the enemy is within. don’t go to the dark side. throw away your eyeliner. it will make you dance funny.

  2. extra funny is how the real villain with real power — John Jonah Jameson, newspaper editor — is represented as a bumbling, emasculated fool.

  3. yeah, totally! wow. he ends up being ridiculed by a little girl. i wonder what they’re getting at with that… … …

  4. ha. caught it today with hayley, must remember NOT to see it during the day on a weekend after it has just opened. although fantastic because of the transformer preview, and remembering your witty cultural commentary with the juxtaposition of My Little Pony and the stomping transformer….but seeing it with every other child under 10 years of age with one of their parents is a big no no. the small child with even smaller bladder doing battle with the ultra-sized watered down coke makes for a disturbing movie when said parent needs to escort child to toilet multiple times. another child who whipped out the mobile and a 2 minute conversation next to their parent. and another parent who also took a mobile call during the movie…need a GSM jamming device.

    but the psychological journey that the little nerd peter parker (who of course, having the the same name, i thought i had a special bond with when reading comics) was extremely entertaining. the poor little children did moan about the lack of battle scenes, but the different sides of peter were hilarious.

    going emo with the eyeliner and greasy comb forward hair, and your favourite colour scheme along the travolta-esque strut and dance scene was a favourite. although the female characters were rather boring, it was an interesting comment on male-female power-sharing during parker’s relationship change with these characters. completely manipulating the blonde bombshell to suit his own ends, bringing another date to shove in mj’s face while she is waitressing, and switch from being a snag to the polish/russian rather slim girl to utter domination….is this truly what men want to do once they achieve true power? then returns to hugging girls with watery eyes when his best mate takes a blade in the back from him??? what is with that?

  5. remember special homosocial codes about ‘blades’ when playing with other boys

    you didn’t like the little kids in the cinema? wow, the kids in my cinema were funny. one kid would repeat anything that a kid in the movie would say. especially funny was when they were saying stuff like ‘awesome!’ and the kid in the audience was in a dialogue and saying like ‘yeah, awesome!’

  6. here we go again, when ‘best’ buddies do battle in tight fitting clothing, while ‘wrestling’ and ‘groaning’ when struck from behind – yet still managing to have extensive eye-contact?

    saying ‘awesome’ would have been much more entertaining. i was waiting for the kids to repeat it, but alas my cohort of associated kids were less impressed – at that stage of the movie i think alot of them were fidgeting and finding it very difficult to sit still for that extended period of time.

  7. me too!

    too much chocolollycokeandpopcorn action. i was wired for a couple of hours.


    but that is part of the cinema assemblage.

    actually i was a little annoyed the bloody frozen coke machine was not operating, it is a major component to my habitualised cinema experience

  8. err, no grass cutting, but i am not sure what you are referring to.

    I live in a flat with no lawn and don’t smoke dope.

    maybe it is some arcane doctoring discourse? 😉

    and why are you internetting so much?


  9. yes the suckiness of the female roles. jeez!!! ‘oh i just got fired from my job but i don’t tell my boyfriend, cos i’m so damn hopeless i can’t even break up with him at my own volition. guess i’ll just shed a tear or two and then get rescued.’

  10. agreed

    of course, nerds love that shit

    anyway, the next one is going to need a spiderwoman (not spidergirl), or some sort of asymmetrical equivalent.

  11. why internet so much? what is the record for number of comments on one blog topic? am trying to bump it up, here comes number 14!

  12. Finally, seen this film, and – OMG – what a pile of shit!

    It’s like they said, “hey, the first instalment was fucking amazing and did bonkers at the box-office. So much so that the second one, whilst being pretty crap (what with all that lame “conflict within” attempt at giving the “character” more “depth”, which, fortunately, didn’t detract too much from the spectacular action scenes) managed to do even more bonkers at the B.O. And, hey, the critics lapped up all that “serious drama” stuff! So this time, let’s load up the third instalment with even more “depth of character” and “drama” and who gives a fuck whether the action scenes work (they won’t) or whether the difference between the CGI and the live-action images resembles the difference between a 4-y-o’s colouring-in and a live stage performance (it will)? Hundreds of millions of good ol’ america dollars is guaranteed either way, especially if the critics fall for that depth of character bullshit again (which they will)!”

    I’m glad you guys got to laugh at least; I guess I was too invested in the slim possibility that the 3rd instalment might have been a return to form…

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