How Fascinating

So are fascinators the fashion embodiment of the bourgie interestingness? I love bourgies. Here is my hottie friend Amanda modelling her fascinator at the Glebe markets (yes, yes, it is like a bourgie fortress, protected by Greenpeace spruikers and Solidarity pamphleteers).

Back in 2004 at the Caulfield Thousand Guineas horse race, fashionista Milliner Melissa Jackson said:

“I think the fascinator serves a purpose for younger women who don’t feel comfortable in a hat or don’t have the budget to buy a hat but still want to wear some sort of headdress,” she said. “But I still think a hat really finishes an outfit off best.”

Jackson seems to frame it as an economic question, but it is actually the intersection of three series — ‘comfort’, economics, and ‘younger women’. It is a classic case of being cooler than capitalism, because the commercial interests are forced to (re)commodify something that has been (re)valorised by a new generation or population of teh hip bourgies. (The commodity as object = x of culture.)

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  1. How is the thesis going? What chapter are you currently working on? and what fraction of the whole task has been completed? Good news about your 98 kgs! We wont recognise you on the 8 June!

  2. You have exactly two months to finish it – work flat out next week on your thesis. Don’t get sidetracked!

  3. I have tommorrow early afternoon and then all day for both saturday and sunday for the diss. I want to finish this chapter this weekend and queue up the next chunks for the following chapters.

  4. So by the time you arrive in Perth on 8 June, what fraction have you finished? Remember 31 July deadline!

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