Howard’s New Tampa – Aboriginal Children Overboard

From Clif’s blog and I think it was on one of my email lists, too Below is the text of an article by Jennifer Martiniello who is a writer and academic of Arrernte, Chinese and Anglo descent. She is a former Deputy Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Arts Board of the Australia […]

Punch Drunk Love: A Post-Romance Romance

Romance paper is online. Language is still a bit clunky, but, you know, I am finishing my dissertation and stuff… Big props to Sarah and Jayde for organising and editing the issue! EDIT: Check out Richard Carpenter’s essay “The Heart of the Matter” in M/C Journal, too, as our respective essays complement the other. (Almost […]

anxiety, stress, depression… and fun!

I haven’t quite figured out how to make anxiety and stress productive instead of depressive yet. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I had chopped up the previous version of the diss and extracted the relevant bits for the next chapter. This basically involves most of the discussion of the development of the Street […]

know how

‘know how’ chapter is done. finished it in the wee hours of this morning. sweet! tried sending it at about 3:40 as there is someting perversely rewarding in sending triumphant stupidly-timed emails to supervisors. it is a bit long still at about 17k words, but i think i will only have four chapters now. save […]