Two books arrived in the mail yesterday. Ken Wark sent me a copy of Gamer Theory, which is totally cool. Plus I received a reviewer’s copy of Alexander Galloway’s Protocol. I quite enjoyed his Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture and I have been captivated by the 20 or so pages I have briefly read, lots of similar influences to my work. My interest is in understanding how or if Galloway rearticulates ‘control’ as a poststructuralist problematic of power. So, for example, Foucault examined the conditions of truth for discursive regimes of trans-institutional power relations in their silent emergence and durability as events (phew!). The issue at stake is not so much structurations of power — that has been done to death, and is slightly obvious — but specifically how contingency is incorporated into mobile power relations that may have once existed as structurated institutional power relations. Already I read Galloway as explicitly arguing along the opposite line; that is, he argues against the myth of the internet as being some sort of space of freedom. So if ‘freedom’ is actually produced as a conduit of governance within protocol, then how does this function in new institutions? It would be something like the capacity of new flexible or mobile infrastructures or institutional forms that anticipate and capture contigencies either through actuarial modes of governance or social/spatial/temporal/cultural/technological-threshold-based distributions of material-energetic populations.

back to work

Sydney Writers Festival was a good 13-hour-work-day holiday week from thesis writing’s 15 hour days. Here is where we had lunch a few days ago when packing up.

And I have been smoking too much lately, mainly cause I have been hanging out with a new lady friend 😉

Thesis is back cranking. (Bourdieu, what happened to the regulative improvisations of the ‘habitus’ in the context of ‘practical knowledge’ when it comes to the socially structurated and structurating fields of ‘taste’? Are there no contingencies of ‘taste’?)

Bonde Do Role album launch this Sat

Fvck, this is going to be massive! w00t!

Bonde Do Role Album Launch at BKRC this Saturday Nite!
The Bad Kids are proud to present the launch of the awesome new album by their favourite new artists and fellow bad kids from Brazil – BONDE DO ROLE.
Bonde’s new album ‘WITH LAZERS’ is the craziest party you can fit on one CD and this Saturday DJ’s KATO, SLEATER BROCKMAN, PhDJ, MASTER CELEBRATOR and BOOGIE will be blasting cuts from the disc alongside all of the other killer jams you’ve come to expect at BKRC. […] K’blammy!

(Pull ur hed in, Glen.)

Sydney Writers Festival

Some images so far from 2007 Sydney Writers Festival:

Super bourgie from Sydney Opera House event I worked for a conversation with Richard E. Grant of Withnail and I fame. She was drinking champers out of a little airplane sized boittle through a straw. Then she asked me about my I heart bourgies t-shirt I was wearing. lol

This is hilarious nerd alien porn.

I had to tidy this up. Bloody piss weak floors. Plus I carried all those books you can see.