Punch Drunk Love: A Post-Romance Romance

Romance paper is online. Language is still a bit clunky, but, you know, I am finishing my dissertation and stuff… Big props to Sarah and Jayde for organising and editing the issue!
EDIT: Check out Richard Carpenter’s essay “The Heart of the Matter” in M/C Journal, too, as our respective essays complement the other.

(Almost finished next diss chapter! the ‘scene’! got it down to 21,000 words. I want to have it done to give to the supers tomorrow at our meeting. f’ckin accelerate! w00t!)
(EDIT: Chapter? Done, mofos. Done. …I am almost completely exhausted! WOOOOOOO!)

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  1. Hope the meeting goes well with your supervisors. Rain in Perth, so hopefully the dams will benefit and the farmers will get some rain – particularly Southern Cross area. Did the envelope arrive? Banked today for you. Good luck Glen – keep at it.

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