So I get home this morning and I can’t get into my flat. The deadbolt unlocks but the door handle lock won’t budge. Three hours later the locksmith arrives. Opens door to find the safety key chain in place.

Out of all my stuff only my bike and spare car key were taken. Nothing else is even disturbed much. I have disabled my car so it won’t start. However, if I am home and someone does try to start it, then I will hear it.

(My diss is going awesome. Cop that, cosmic forces of fate.)

3 replies on “ffs”

  1. Hope the writing is going well and the break-in didn’t upset you too much. Is it Thursday or Friday that you work at Uni? Wet in Perth. Tomorrow I get my recognition/presentation as a result of an ex-student’s writings – hope the ceremony/presentation isn’t too boring.

  2. Wow, how crap. They even left the computer???? Hope the diss is backed up somewhere, actually lots of somewheres…

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