Bit tired, but now working on the sixth chapter where I outline how enthusiasm becomes a resource. Tom Wolfe: [The ‘Detroit’] manufacturers may be well on the way to routinizing the charisma, as Max Weber used to say, which is to say, bringing the whole field into a nice, safe, vinyl-glamorous marketable ball of polyethylene. […]


Good week on the diss. I thought my loyal readers would like to know! Now working on the finishing touches on the fifth chapter (out of nine). I think I have finally come to terms with not trying to explain everything at once. Footnotes are great from dropping text out of the body, but retaining […]

Foucault 2.0: A Neo-Liberalised Foucault Beta?

Eric Paras’ book Foucault 2.0 has an atrocious title. The Web 2.0 phenomenon is an expression of the worst excesses of the cultural industry capitalising on a techno-enthusiasm. The title of Paras’ book therefore immediately puts me off. This is a pity because I don’t think I am alone in my desire to not be […]

music middle class?

Via ars technica: Rumblefish’s Paul Anthony agreed, adding that the music industry is moving from a “real estate” plan (in which property is bought by labels and appreciates in value) to a service industry. The notion is that artists interacting directly with their audience will ultimately lead to the most profitable relationship between the two. […]