They will make it!! rofloptering on the inside!

Robotech is cool for a number of reasons. When watching it as a kid it was the first time I experienced a ‘cartoon’ that wasn’t about cheesy propaganda for the moral good life. The English version was created by Harmony Gold from three separate Japanese anime, with the only similarity in the original anime is that the same lead artist worked on all three (and therefore the mecha and characters were of a similar style). It is an interesting cultural franchise. The live action film has the opportunity to seriously kick ass.

It might be of interest to cultural studies peeps because the eventual weapon used to overcome the aliens is human culture… and considering most anime of the era were concerned with rebirth after apocalypse and overcoming great odds (mirroring Japan’s rebirth after WW2), there is an irony in a Japanese cultural artefact taking over Western popular culture.

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  1. ben, lol. indeed. it would be fun to do a cultural studies style paper from the Zentraedi pov: “min mei and the politics of cross-cultural exchange”

    niall, totally. robotech has a much grittier edge than transformers, etc. should be fun

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