yep. Deliver it to supervisors tomorrow. In this dissertation, I set out to investigate the enthusiasm, scenes and cultural industry of contemporary modified-car culture in Australia. The purpose of this study is to ascertain the character and function of ‘enthusiasm’ in the scenes of modified-car culture. The dissertation is based on fieldwork research with an […]

Labour and living conditions

[T]he political class is “blithely yakking about ‘rising expectations,’ while millions of people’s hopes are plummeting at speed.” Now this is truly an example of division and special interests workers should pay attention to. For those wondering about the possible effect of Workchoices in Australia, over on Dollars & Sense, Larry Peterson has a blog […]


i want to… …finish you like a dissertation. Ok, so the last chapter is done, only the intro, conclusion, and appendix needs to be finished. I didn’t get as much as I would’ve liked about my online activities in there, but it should be sufficient. It is not a work of online ethnography anyway. Currently […]