end game

Five of now eight chapters are completely finished in final draft form. Another one of the last three is basically done but I need finish the sixth chapter first and make sure all the language and terms are aligned across the chapters. The final two chapters are at about 60% each. Both have the content, now I am sorting out structure and final editing. Two years ago I would have said they are 80-90% but now I know how long it takes to edit work and make sure the argument flows.

One is the key “Enthusiasm as Resource” chapter where I use Deleuze’s notion of modulation (of control society fame) to argue that the event of enthusiasm becomes a resource through its modulation by the culture industry. The other chapter is “The Rise of the Imports” and was meant to be about globalisation and technological cultures, but will now have to incorporate my work on the third iteration of the scene with the introduction of online forums. Some of the ‘import’ work has also been shifted to the seventh chapter on the ‘Fast Fours’ movement.

Everything I have been teaching my students about university writing this semester has forced me, in a good way, to be vary aware of how I am writing and the nature of my argument.

I am in ‘hot rod’ mode at the moment: stripped down and accelerating.

I have under two weeks before the final draft needs to be done and five and a half weeks before submission.

End game…

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