If you can read this, then you are too close

Intro is done!

So now I have a problem in that the diss is too long. Haven’t included the conclusion and it is over 91,000 words or with the eight pages of references it is over 94,000. Lucky I didn’t go for the 9 chapter structure, lol… See what my supervisors say (hopefully not, ‘not reading it, too long’ lol… ::cry::). A lot are quotes from magazines for the history work, some chapters would have about 20% of volume from quoted archival sources.

Anyway, pfffft, not enough 400 page dissertations anymore.

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  1. Glen, mine was close to 120,000 words, so yours is looking pretty concise to me.

    Seriously, the 80,000 word limit (is that what it is for you?) is largely a formality recognised more in its flouting than in its enforcement. I would think that your supervisors/examiners should have no problem with a thesis that comes in at 100K. It’s only if you start to go substantially beyond that mark that you might raise eyebrows.

  2. thanks, rob. i am in such a weird headspace at the moment, so your assurance is very welcome.

    I am pretty sure it will come close to 100k. there are some entertaining sections and some pretty intense theory bits, hopefully there are no boring bits.

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