Another chapter, number six, is done. I shall return to it in a few days, after I have some distance, and go over it again. Basically, however, the chapter is all there.

Chapters one through to seven are now done.

Now for the last one. Then I have my introduction and conclusions to finish. I edited and reworked my ‘defective’ introduction example today, too. Clif has been giving me advice. Saw one of my supervisors who suggested I include the defective example to introduce a few notions and to talk about my research methodology, plus he thinks I should use my abstract as the general basis of the more formal dimensions of the introduction.

How have people written their conclusions? What sort of things did you write about? I am thinking of focusing on the practical and theoretical outcomes of my research, what do people think?

I have included a ‘completion’ tag, so I can track this crazy, stressful and exciting period of my life later on.

Brain can turn off now.

(Long day. I taught for 6 hours at Penrith too!)