Last Chapter

On to the last chapter, chapter 8, with the final pre-submit edit. Chapter 7 was a bit of a worry in terms of structure, but I realised the biggest problem was that I had not explained why the examples I provided of the shifting composition of automotive technologies were important in the rise of the […]


From the editorial of The Australian: History will look kindly on John Howard’s political career, including most of his prime ministership. He repaired the financial ravages Labor left in the middle 1990s. He did a great deal to smother the fire of race hate lit by Pauline Hanson. Above all, he supervised the long boom […]

after everything is said and done

So mostly finished the third chapter, five to go. There shall be a minor, unofficial celebration at the Clare Hotel, over the road from UTS, on Friday 30 November. All friends are welcome!! I have designed and ordered a new t-shirt to mark the occassion of submitting the dissertation. I got the idea after marking […]