Enjoyment Is Contagious?

Loud commentary and cell phone fumbling may be distracting, but new research suggests that the presence of other people may enhance our movie-watching experiences. Over the course of the film, movie-watchers influence one another and gradually synchronize their emotional responses. This mutual mimicry also affects each participant’s evaluation of the overall experience — the more […]


Proper posts on the way. I have a write up of the New Mobilities workshop and a few other bits and pieces to come. Final marking spreadsheet in tomorrow. woot! Then, to end the year’s work, it is just an art exhibition catalogue on a sculpture of a 600kg erect ejeculating cock…

fuxors marking

Trying to get my marking results finalised. I taught a unit this semester where all assessments were submitted online. I basically did not even look at the final two assessments until after I submitted the PhD. I first finished off the marking for the third assessment in my other unit (four tutotials, 90 students). Now […]