I received official notification in the mail today from my university. I passed my PhD and both examiners returned with a ‘passed with no corrections required’ result. Both examiners wrote very nice things. I am very happy. 🙂 Not sure about the protocol regarding posting examiners comments on here. Do I get to call myself […]

street machine blog

A belated welcome to Simon Telford, the deputy editor of Street Machine Magazine, who has fired up his blog (again?). Street Machine came into existence in 1981. It ermerged from another title called Van Wheels, which in turn emerged from one fot he first enthusiast publications in Australia, the Australian Hot Rodding Review. I trace […]

Stuff that Bourgies Like

Social stratification in the US is somewhat different that in Australia. There are not the same stratifications to the labour divisions. In an Australian context most of the observations made about what white people like on this relatively new blog should also be made about bourgies. Perhaps a similar class inflected version of the observations […]