I received official notification in the mail today from my university. I passed my PhD and both examiners returned with a ‘passed with no corrections required’ result.

Both examiners wrote very nice things. I am very happy. 🙂

Not sure about the protocol regarding posting examiners comments on here.

Do I get to call myself ‘Doctor’ now? lol

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  1. Damn!!!! no corrections. you are one accelerating mofo, so fast you went off the charts. sick.

    Congrats mate, so very stoked for ya.

    ps. Some will have to wait until grad to call yourself ‘Doctor’. But I will call you Doc ’til then.

  2. Congratulations, especially on having no corrections (I didn’t have many, but it was still a pain in the arse to do them).

    I think you can get away with calling yourself ‘doctor’ right away – I’ve discovered that the Title Police don’t show up and drag you away if you use it before you’ve technically graduated, although purists will argue otherwise.

    And make sure you change your credit cards and frequent flyer cards. Not that there are any special perks (and the flight attendants still call me ‘Mr Faustus’ when I get on the plane), but it leads to interesting discussions with plumbers and checkout chicks and the like when they see it on your credit card and as you what you’re a doctor of 🙂

  3. Absolute marvellous reports by the two examiners – congratulations Glen – now my Bank balance will start to improve. We are so proud of the finished thesis!

  4. “marvellous” ? Jenny

    awww, we need better adjectives … hehe

    I love it when mums are proud … mums rock.

  5. cheers guy and craig!!!!

    …and thanks greg! Indeed, intersections of human and non-human affects, and the evenmentality of the impersonal, prepersonal and personal were the core theoretical tensions (or problems) of my diss. I reached for the fourth-person singular, and came up a bit short, about a third and a half person quasi-singular. ‘It’ is central (pun intended, lol).

  6. Clif – I hope you enjoy the celebrations tonight – mums rock!Come on Clif, you come up with the appropriate adjectives – I am just a plain old teacher. I also know what a great support and friend you have been to Glen.

  7. PS no, you don’t get to call yourself “Dr” 😉

    but everyone will delight in calling you “Dr. Glen” anyway, so just embrace it.

  8. Flights have not been booked! When we know the definite date/s – shall do the bookings. Hope you are still smiling!

  9. Hey Doc,

    Congrats on your awesome achievement.

    I look forward reading it. I’ll have a dictionary and thesarus next to me to guide my way.

    Congrats again Glen, you deserve it.


    Philip J. Millar

    Ps When available, if not already and dont mind me reading it could you post the url or email me a copy?

  10. thanks phillip!

    i thought about posting a copy to my blog, but it is about 4.something mb and i think the bandwidth would be exceeded. I’ll wait until the library puts it online and post a link.

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