Through (Foucaultian) Biopower to (Deleuzean) Control

Following discussion on Craig’s blog, and in light of Todd May’s review of the book, here is a brief extract from Nealon’s book Foucault Beyond Foucault that captures some sense of what Nealon means by ‘intensification’. (Pages 67-68, // = page break): As Foucault puts forth in his work on disciplinary regimes, iron-fisted mechanisms of […]

consumer-eco battle

Tensions have been building for some time about high polluting cars, the effect that this has on urban environments and the governmental stakeholders who are responsible for those urban environments, but this is the first real open conflict I have come across. Porsche Great Britain is protesting the Mayor of London from raising the congestion […]


Lots of stuff has been going on lately. They have varied between epic to massive to awesome stuff on work and romance fronts. As soon as I officially sign contracts and/or get official confirmation and/or do some other stuff I will talk about such stuff here.