So I was just interviewed for TV again. It is hard work trying to mediate between giving the journalists what they want and saying the things that you think need to be said. Sure knowing that I was once a ‘hoon’ is newsworthy but now I have done over 5 years of research. Both give me some sort of authority. I think the crew today did a pretty good job at finding this balance. It seems as if the story will be more about hoon moral panics, rather than hoons per se.

Foucault Beyond Foucault

Just picked up a new book out on Foucault by Jeffery T. Nealon, Foucault Beyond Foucault (published this year). More on this later, but the first 20 odd pages I have read at work so far look promising. (We have a very similar view of Foucault 2.0 by Eric Paras.) The third chapter, “Genealogies of Capitalism: Foucault, with Deleuze and Jameson” looks very interesting!