I’ve been having a few bookish ideas of late. Not ideas that indicate I am of a ‘bookish’ disposition, which, of course, I am, but ideas for producing a book… or two. (And why isn’t the study of ideas called ideology?) I have been doing research online reading various information sheets from different publishers on […]

Eventalization and Popular Culture

Below is an edited extract from my dissertation. In it I discuss my use of Foucault’s historical method, which I term, following Foucault, ‘eventalization’. It does not include any of the actual historical work and is selected from roughly 15 pages of one chapter. Plus, to conform to the blogging form, some of the footnotes […]

Depressed Blog

Via Ars Technica Those that are intending to blog score higher on some measures of distress, including anxiety, depression, and stress. They rate themselves as less socially integrated (both online and in the interpersonal world), tend to blame themselves for their problems, and attempt to cope via venting. This profile overlaps that of people who […]