6 replies on “floppy hat”

  1. oh yay! congratulations!! i never got to wear one, it was a hard hat at USyd – apparently to be more ‘egalitarian’. (?)

    is that one of your supervisors to the left? 🙂

  2. Well done! I love those floppy hats, they make people look like Henry VIII – or in your case, Glenry VIII! Hey, you should tell people than Glen is short for Glenry. If they believe you then you will know they are doofuses.

  3. Mel, my academic handle is G. Bob Fuller from now on. Or G Bob for short. Or Dr G Bob for those formal situations like filling out rental applications and stuff…

  4. Can you order copies of the photo taken by professional photgrapher at the Graduation Ceremony? – if so, please get a copy for us. Thanks.

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