Serious issues with my hosting company regarding my server space. It has been a bit annoying, but they have excellent service and I think they had to reinstall wordpress for me. Anyway, now I have a proper MySQL server, and I can have a blog roll again, woot! Look to your right! Hurrah! Oh, and […]


Story is now available for viewing through the NineMSN video player page for the story. From the Sunday website: There is a perception, peculiar to fans of talkback radio, that car hoons have taken over the streets of our capital cities, conducting illegal races that endanger the lives of ordinary motorists and road users. Then, […]

Sunday this Sunday

So I’m on TV again about ‘hoons’. This Sunday. From what I could infer from the tone of voice of one of the producers (or production assistants) it may not be all sweetness and light for me. Hmmm… At least they know I have passed my PhD now. I think I’ll have to repost a […]