In marking hell at the moment. Just had my first fail followed by a brilliant essay that I gave 95%. Crazy.

Yesterday I had to submit a course reader for the postgrad course I am teaching over winter school. These courses are extremely intense for both students and course conveners. Should be a bit of fun. Over the past few weeks I have been rewatching all the relevant films I shall be discussing in the course (A Clockwork Orange, Mean Girls, Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, etc) and reading various novels (Coupland, Salinger, etc). Plus I have been hunting for examples in the popular press and media (Corey Worthington, etc).

Lastly, I am behind on a book chapter I am co-authoring on ‘granular synthesis’.

I haven’t had to accelerate up to attack speed since I finished the dissertation. This weekend is a bit like a surreal flashback to the ultra-work of dissertation completion. Surreal in the sense that there is lots and lots of work but without the satisfaction of getting things like arguments and explanations right. Marking is not interesting work; it is the intellectual equivalent of labouring versus artisan craft.

I have about 250 students in total across three units, so I have a lot of marking to do. I need to find ways to make this interesting. Working at Gleebooks provides some relief. I did note however, that someone I work with looks like Alex’s mother (from A Clockwork Orange). The person I know is very pretty, so it is not some comment on her looks; rather, she dresses following a very similar style. I think this is awesome!


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  1. I have been doing this “marking” experience for thirty five years! Now you know what it is like!! How much time do you have to mark the 250 papers?

  2. As one of the many subjects of your “labouring” I’d just like to express some reservations about your attitude towards marking; I’d counter than what you’re looking at is considered “craft” by some of the students who wrote it. Although, maybe I’m not one to talk, yet to sit through 250 papers all discussing the exact same topic.

  3. if all my students considered it a craft, then I would be very very happy… !!!!

    the most frustrating essays to mark are the product more of laziness than craft.

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