Just got the marks in the MA course I have been teaching over winter. I was a fun course and a good way to learn more about online teaching situations as the course was 75% online. Plus it was refreshing to engage with students work of a postgrad quality. I begin tutoring this afternoon for […]

Girl Talk Youtube videos

Doing some final google research (lol) for some writing about mash-ups and came across these videos of video clip mashups of Girl Talk‘s latest album. The youtube user tries to replicate Girl Talk’s use of samples in video clip form. He is the third track, “Still Here”:

what a joke!

I am getting over 100 visitors a day to a joke post I wrote last year. I don’t want to link to it because I want to see how many more comments it can get. It makes me laugh. Out loud.

Journalism profession is changing

Paul Bradshaw (posted by Sarah Hartley) has an excellent post on the Online Journalism Blog about the worth of journalism degrees in light of the changing character of journalism as a profession. Best line: The increasingly diverse nature of the journalism ‘job’ presents an increasing range of elements that need to be taught – and […]