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I have finally started rewriting and editing large sections of my dissertation for the purposes of producing journal articles. The impetus is actually the course I am teaching this semester as the co-cordinator of the unit, Jame Arvanitakis, demanded I include some of my writing in the reader! I didn’t really have anything suitable already prepared except in dissertation form. So this is only a good thing as it it is forcing me to reassess some parts of my thesis and streamline the argument and evidence for an article-length publication.

The most useful part of my research is the section on the history of the Summernats and the commodification of enthusiasm in the scene of modified-car culture. The main problem at the moment is how to condense the material from my dissertation. It takes me the first two chapters of my dissetation to introduce the concept of enthusiasm and then a further three chapters to outline the shift I want to focus on in the article. This is about 55,000 words. So I need to extract a 8,000 word version. Fun times!

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