neologism: ‘boo woot’

boo woot: compound neologism used to heckle a disaffected loser of a competition. Combination, in part, derived from ‘boo’ as in ‘boo hoo’; a sarcastic exclamation of (non) empathy. ‘woot’ is an acronymn of We Owned Other Team. Alternatively spelled w00t or w007. Example: Obama triumphantly exclaimed, “Boo woot, McCain. Boo woot!”

precariat tilt: harried tarrying

I’ve become something of a generalist; a genericist, teaching anything that anyone wants at any time. Someone jokes I should get a scooter and a pager and teach emergency philosophy, seeing as I’m constantly running around teaching as if on call anyway. IT on the state of her life. The above is familiar. I am […]

new 3m4il address

I have finally set up a gmail as I am going to be closing my ISP-based email account shortly and I am not sure how long my UWS email shall last(!!). So all personal correspondence can now go to: glen dot r dot fuller at gmail dot com (replace dot with . and at with […]