System of control: Use the language of freedom

Ted Striphas posts the below clip from what seems to be a fantastic documentary by Adam Curtis called The Trap. Curtis brilliantly problematises the recent socio-political conceptions of ‘freedom’ by investigating the ‘science’ and theories behind the model of human nature upon which it is based.

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  1. Great video (particularly impressed they interviewed Mirowski – his research on the the intellectual history of Economics is second to none. He’s written some fascinating work on ways the neolibs ‘borrowed’ metaphors from biological and physical science) but one quibble: I’m not sure about the claim of reduced class mobility since the neoliberal revolution. That’s an empirical claim and the evidence I’ve seen isn’t so conclusive.

  2. indeed. What class, where? What measure is being measured? etc. Maybe the old categories need a revamp. For example if class is understood in terms of exposure to risk, then those who own the means of security are certainly streets ahead compared to those over-exposed to risk.

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