So May last year I weighed 100kgs. Went back to the gym today and I weigh 122kgs. Shit. Lest to say I am nowhere near as fit today as I was then. I managed 20min on bike, 10 min on x-country skier, and only 500m on the ergo. No weights yet, I’ll give myself two weeks of getting used to going again first and adjusting my cardio times/settings so I do 20min, 20min and 2km.

I am living relatively close to my gym again. I have missed it.

I am XXXL size in clothes. This is shit, especially when I went to go buy some new clothes for my new job and just grabbed some XXL shirts without trying them on and then getting home and they don’t fit.

It will take me roughing 36 weeks (9 months-ish) to get down to about 105-110kgs. It is around this weight that I look ‘slim’ instead of ‘big’ as there is a certain tipping point or threshold whereby my waist and what not are reduced to a certain size in proportion to my shoulders and chest, etc.

When I was superfit I lost 3kgs in a month, so that is the maximum amount I weight I can lose in a healthy manner. (Well it is arguable whether or not my previous compulsive gym patronage was healthy.) I need to adjust my eating patterns and lifestyle, and start manipulating my metabolism throughout the day by ‘smart eating’.

Almost time to accelerate again…

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  1. I am doing well with my exercise and weight loss – hope to lose 10 kg before Christmas. Glad you are back at the Gym – the exercise is good for the brain and body. Have you given up smoking?

  2. hey adrian! bike commute is a maybe. I am working in Silverwater now so I would need to figure out a ‘bike map’ as you say for the journey and the relative timing. It may be possible during summer to ride out there and then I could catch the train at least part of the way home in the evening. I am not sure.

    I certainly miss my bike riding too. I have a shitty bike at the moment, which I think I would be happy if it got knocked off. I used to use my bike for riding to the gym, but now I live so close I just walk.

  3. Hi Glen,
    If you want to give it a go, let me know. Your bike may only need a few minor adjustments to get it in better shape. I ride back via Sydney Olympic Park some days and could guide you back to the city. I reckon you could ride from Silverwater to Glebe in 35-45mins.

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