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The fulltimeness of my new job feels weird.

With my actual work, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to get done. I say, “See you tomorrow” to my co-workers. I make sure I have enough work to do as I know I shall finish my work quickly. I had to check to see if I get paid for public holidays. It felt exciting when I was told I had time off over Christmas as the office shut down for five days. I get holidays, which are days I don’t work but get paid.

Everything feels new; I want to know what happens next. I am really bad at playing computer games because I will often play the easy level of difficulty just to see how the game designers weaved the action of play into the structure of the plot. This is similar. I am discovering I get a little tired by about 3:30 in the afternoon. I know I get tired by about 3:30 in the afternoon as that was the signal to me before to go to the gym. Now I go outside and stretch my legs and come back and work for another two hours.

I am about 90% finished on my fourth story and I should get another two finished by tomorrow. I am figuring out the work I can do without really thinking and the little tricks to writing a story. I am not sure how or if they like my style yet, but I am drawing on my PhD when writing. I focus on the challenges of the build, discover what inspired an enthusiast to work so hard and spend so much money, then I translate this through the affective timbre of the socio-technical discourse of modified-car culture so, hopefully, readers can also share in this experience and appreciate the enthusiasm required.

When I go to the little greasey spoon eateries near the office (there are two, I have tried both now), I am greeted as if I am a long term customer. The people serving me know that if I am buying lunch and look like I’ve come from work, then the best way to gain me as a customer is to make me feel like I’ve always been a customer. They inquire about how my day is going, make the requisite joke, ask if I won any money yesterday on the horses and today acquiesce to whatever view I put forward regarding the US election (whether they agree or not, I am not sure).

Walking around Silverwater is a little bit like walking around the suburb I grew up in, Balcatta. Both have light and heavy industries. There are limited retail outlets. Suburban strips of houses abut main roads and freeways.

I need to fix my car up. it is embarrassing.

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  1. Both! lol

    Nah, need to fix a few things up for the ED. Some asswipe smashed my right side mirror as I was parked. Needs a little panel and paint to get rid of some scrapes from living in my Glebe place and to fill in the holes from where I had the rear spoiler. Engine has a few leaks. Mostly around power steering. Needs another muffler!

    Will work on bringing the XD across once I have found my own place next year, I think.

    Tom, I am working at Express Publications.

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