No bonus points for being honest

Marking again. Working full time and marking sucks. Marking like a bastard to get it done before marks are due in. Like a BASTARD! I take a 2nd/3rd year essay with me wherever I go in case I get stuck in a queue or something and can mark for simple thing like punctuation, structure, etc. I’ve got a week left to do it all.

Just had one of my first year students answer a question that asked them to “comment on the intersection of [two theories]” exemplified by a newspaper article they were given two weeks before the exam.

The student’s first line is: “I’m not sure there is much to comment on the intersections between [two theories].” [sic]

Oh dear…

EDIT: Later the same day…

Just had another cracker.

Part of the question: “In your answer, refer to how the construction of the religious ‘other’ might be functioning in…”

Part of the answer: “The religious ‘other’ can be described as any religion who on the census form would need to choose the ‘other’ box due their religion not being one of the options.” [sic]

Oh dear…

EDIT 27/11/08: Still marking. Another cracker, made me chuckle!

“Two types of globalisation — I’ve forgotten Damn! But 1: creates no individualism. Takes away ‘rights’ and we all becoming one. The other is the opposite.” [sic]


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  1. I just tagged you in a silly blogosphere quiz exercise….. I’m trying to see how “viral” the blogosphere still is….. go to my “Bodies Art & Stuff” blog to see what I mean

    and good luck with the marking


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