Fun Fun Fun

I have an exercise bike. It is a pretty good one. My brother bought it for me as a 30th birthday present. I am starting to get my discipline back for an exercise regime. Every morning I get up a little earlier than I need to and do a 20 minute ride. From my research in the past I know that losing weight and getting fit is not simply a matter of burning calories but harnessing the metabolic burn of the body. By doing exercise in the mornings I use it as a kickstart. After a while I will start going to the gym with some of my coworkers during our lunch break, too. At the moment I am trying to get my body used to doing work and being out of breath and sweating.

My folks are in town from Friday. It will be good to see them. On Saturday we are heading out to the country town where my dad grew up, Kurri Kurri. They have a nostalgia festival on there and I have previously spoken with the organisers for a story. I’ll be taking my camera and taking some photos.

There is also a car I am probably going to buy, that is up on the central coast. Kurri is near Newcastle and the central coast is so named because it is between Newcastle and Sydney. The car is a 1992 Ford Fairmont EB series 2. Here is a pic from the for sale thread on one of the forums I frequent.img_1736.jpg

One of the best things about my new job (well, it isn’t so new anymore, coming up four months now), is that I get to engage with cars again. The simple pleasure derived from the satisfaction of working on cars and fixing or modifying them is a pleasure that I have mostly not allowed myself since I have been in Sydney. Now it is expected of me. The ‘Monty’ (as the general model of car is affectionately known amongst some enthusiasts) has some good panels and other bits and pieces, including the engine and thermo fans (the thermo fans are electric and replace the mechanical clutch fan), which will more than likely be swapped over to my current daily transport. Then my car will need some basic panel and paint and it’ll be sweet 😉

EDIT: I didn’t buy the car:(