So I went to the Star Trek World Premiere this evening at the Sydney Opera House. Yeah, I am pretty awesome. So was the flick… SO WAS BEING 5M FROM SYLAR!!!


It all started last week when I caught wind of the tickets going on sale the very minute they went on sale (9am Monday) as I was checking my regular enthusiast forums in the morning at work.

I promptly ordered two tickets, which weren’t cheap at $100 a pop. I just as quickly texted my brother in Perth to tell him he had to get time off work and fly over to Sydney to attend the world premiere of the new Star Trek movie.

By midday the tickets were sold out according to others on the forum.

My brother communicated a few days later that he had indeed got some time off work and would be heading to Sydney.

We only discovered yesterday that it was ‘Cocktail’ dress. I have some cool suits. None of which are suitable. I thought fuck it, I am going as a cool mofo in skinny black jeans, black zip front hoodie, white short sleeve and skinny black tie. See, BLACK TIE! The crowning glory of this little outfit were my eletric blue trimmed hi-top Nike Zooms for some scene kid(ult) I-refuse-to-accept-your-bourgeois-adultness-and-will-rebel-with-rabid-niche-consumption consumption.

It was always going to be a mission to make it from my work in Silverwater to the Opera House in the city. I made the decision not to drive and it was something of a pleasant experience. (Didn’t rain.) Except heading from work to the Opera House I imagine was not dissimilar to the nerves one feels when studious and waiting for an exam result… if you submit to such divisive modes of population segmentation.

Anyway, I made it to Circular Quay station at like 6:44pm and the movie was meant to start by 7pm. I rang my borther and said, Go. GO on (in) without me… All dramatic like.

But there was no need cause I made it from the station to inside the Opera House in like 6 minutes… Just as they were serving last drinks. So I scored a beer, which I drank perched against one of those high standing-at tables. I observed those around me. And took this photo of my bro:
And this banner sign:

And then entered the concert hall!

OOooooooh exciting!!!!

Our seats were down and at the front and I thought I had epic failed… EPIC TICKET FAIL!!! Super craptastic seats of the sort that would kill the romance of any date by giving you a crook in your neck. We waited and waited and waited…

And then the lights got dark.

And some dude came out and said some stuff.

And we noticed a group of people standing near where this dude had come from, only a few metres from where we were seated. And then we realised that the group of people standing only a few metres away were movie stars…




And then we watched the movie. It was good.

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  1. Glad you both enjoyed the Premier. How did the media report on this movie and premier event?

  2. OMG I was there too! I shook John Cho’s hand! I shook J.J. Abrams’ hand! I was too scared to shake Sylar’s hand! The movie ruled! That is all.

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