Sam Worthington

I watched Terminator 4 again last night. It was better on second viewing. I watched it for what it was doing, rather than watching it filtered through my expectations and what I perceived to be its faults. One thing I did like was Sam Worthington. He can actually act. This I found I little surprising. He expresses it here, in an interview:

Did you see something in that canon that you wanted to bring forward?

Sam: I wanted to make a role where he’d actually feel pain ‘cause I’d never seen that, I’d seen a bit of it in Blade Runner but I’ve never actually seen a movie where a cyborg or a robot hurts, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I wanted to ramp that up a bit.

Australian actors seem to transition from working in Australia to the big time of Hollywood like they move through a phase space. It is very weird. It is like Australians only get to know about Australian actors once they leave Australia. I think this tells us something about the Australian media. What would happen if there was a fucking ruthless Australian publication or broadcast that only examined Australian popular culture directly and others only indirectly, like they do in the US? Am I stupid, do they already have this? I think it would have a positive effect on Australian culture.

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  1. I’m australian and have been well aware of Sam Worthington and his entire boring career. I’ve not seen his turn in T4 but i gernerally find him so so dull. Thats probably why no one is across him… if that is the case (i don’t really notice who is and isn’t famous). cause he hangs around on screen not doing anything at all and that has somehow gotten misconstrued as acting… i guess we get excited about our exports with a bit more spark.

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