Ethics of Sharing, Adulthood and Online Culture

I have recently written about sharing (halfway down the post) in the context of new experiences producing new configurations of intimacy and estrangement. Cathie McGinn has an interesting and, for me at least, provocative post on her blog about the tension between the public/private distinction and the socio-technical convenience of sharing online. She argues that […]

Cultural Politics of Unhappy Little Vegemites

There have been various critiques already mobilised regarding what is at stake in this uFail 2.0 iSnack 2.0 shenanigans. I like Chookspot’s critique on on nationalistic grounds where the unveiling of the new name was likened to someone in the US arse-fucking a bald eagle as the quarter time entertainment at the Superbowl. It reminds […]

She left the bit with the most toast crumbs

The title of this post from a poem I am working on. For me it expresses the way we form relations with the world around us both in terms of intimacy and estrangement. What follows is an improvised meditation on the way I am trying to grapple with a feeling of loneliness and relations of […]