My First Capitalist Paper

Monetizing Enthusiasm: The Missed Opportunity of Social Media and Car Enthusiast Magazines Abstract: The publishing industry that services the scene of modified-car culture in Australia has largely missed the boat when it came to moving from being a once profitable commercial print industry into a profitable social media enterprise. This paper explores the reasons for […]

Christian measures participatory instances of web. Generates algorithm for productive labor & surplus value

Here is the original image on Flickr of a presentation by Christian Fuchs at The Internet as Playground and Factory conference. I wonder where Christian is on McKenzie Wark‘s diagram of what Jodi Dean called his Grand Unified Theory. Wark’s diagram represents social classes/subjectivities not in relation to the means of production, but in relation […]


So I am doing NaNoWriMo. I am going well. I am writing in a non-linear fashion, which may be against the rules apparently. But, meh. I will start posting chapters once they are finished and once I have the next five-in-a-row done to ensure continuity. The only goal is write 50000 words. I am writing […]

Contemplating a Crackpot

Say you find yourself staring at an old pot. Your brain, being an incredibly sophisticated computer, immediately assesses that it’s an old pot, and that old pots are boring. It’s not going to dance, or sing heartbreaking songs of yesteryear. It won’t even rock gently in the breeze. It’s just going to sit there being […]