Draft unit outline

I’ve posted the draft unit outline for the media studies unit I mentioned in my previous post. Some weeks I’ve done more work on and others I’m still thinking about. In fact, some weeks I’m still not entirely convinced by the readings, particular for students being introduced to this subject matter. Please leave a comment […]

Engagement and Academic Media Ecologies

EDIT 17/08/11: Updated final draft of unit outline here. I am in the process of redesigning the content of an introductory first year undergraduate media studies course that I shall be teaching in second semester of this year. I’ve presented a rough draft of a list of weekly topics and readings to a meeting of […]

An Office Needs a Multiplicity of Windows

I got paid for my new role for the first time today, which is a relief. Now I am economically connected to the institution. One thing I’ve observed being noted by most existing staff when they visit me in my new office is that it doesn’t have a window and that I don’t have a […]