So I am working away on a few things at the moment. Firstly, I am giving a guest lecture in the winter semester version of the unit I am teaching in second semester. The topic for the lecture is on audiences. I thought I’d start with the Diesel ‘Be Stupid’ advertising campaign from 2010/2011. I’ll post some of the brief analysis work I do to introduce the concept of the audience later.

The very next day I am giving a brief demo to some visiting students about Communication Studies and what they would be doing if they came to UC. It is only 15 minutes so I am going to do a brief practice run of the 3D lecture I have planned for the same unit. I’ll basically introduce them to the concept of the ‘spectacle’. Even if they do not come here to study it is a good concept to know about.

I am also working on a few articles. One on street rodding in the 1970s where I outline the dispositif of the scene and use a modified Foucauldian historical method (‘eventalization’) to begin outling how specialist media modulates enthusiasm as a mode of control. I’ll post more about this today.

The reason why I am writing the above paper is that the other article I am working on derived from my PhD research (on Summernats and Street Machine magazine in the 1980s) tries to do too much at once. It will be far more useful to inroduce some of the concepts for the first paper and then develop them further in the second.

Besides that I am trying to finalise the unit outlines for the two units I am teaching. I am currently trying to sort out an assessment structure.