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One of the pleasures of having worked in a bookstore with a secondhand books department is being able to access original publications of journals and other collected works. I discovered the joy of finding older publications during my PhD research where I had to construct my own archive. Here are some previous finds. A recent trip to Gould’s Bookshop in Sydney turned up some absolute crackers.

Some of the finds includes the volume that Adrian Martin references here Language, Sexuality & Subversion. He speaks of reading this as a 17 year old! I was reading Plato’s Republic still, hadn’t got to the post-structuralists yet! ha!

Another is “Cultural Studies 6: Cultural Studies and Theory” one of the edited collections from the Birmingham School’s Working Papers in Cultural Studies series. These were central to the development of British Cultural Studies in the 1970s. In this volume the authors stake out a shift away from a ‘radical liberalism’…:

The two sections of WPCS 6 signify out experience in this Centre, of a theoretical shift in our approach to cultural studies. In this introduction we aim to outline the dimensions of this shift, in the context of our understanding of its historical and political situation. Generally speaking, we are signalling retrospectively, from an emerging Marxist perspective, the theoretical and political limitations of the liberal radicalism from which ‘cultural studies’ and the Centre emerged in the early ‘sixties, and trying to clarify, in a preliminary way, the contemporary forces which shape us, and within which what we produce is to be taken into account.

I’ll post more material from this volume and the others over the forthcoming weeks. It is part of a long term project of mine to map the circuits of publishing and translation in the late 1970s and into the 1980s. I am in no rush to do ‘proper’ research in the area, rather I want to use it as a way to remain enchanted with the drudging egoistic mechanics of scholarly publishing. Maybe one day when it is time to settle up I’ll turn to this new archvie that I am creating.

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  1. Nice scores. I reckon the BCCCS Working Papers are a fantastic methodological archive, not necessarily for how to do research, but how to think about it. There are few concentrations of material published since then with the same intensity about the relations between historical social science/humanities methods that remain complicated.

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