Is it Manning Clark’s History of Australia?

I’m doing some preliminary work for a media archaeology project involving a geneaology of economies of knowledge and ‘know how’. I came across the below.

From Manning Clark‘s History of Australia:

From on of the first settler accounts A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson (1793) available through the University of Sydney’s Australian Digital Collections First Fleet and Early Settlement collection:

The USyd project has been developed since 1997 and from my understanding of the situation prior to that the only way to access these first settler archives was via the State Library of NSW.

I don’t care about whether or not Clark used appropriate referencing techniques for a historian or how much he used from these early accounts. His book is ‘biblical’ narrative of Australia and is largely irrelevant for my project. Maybe Clark is working from within some other scholarly tradition of the ‘popular historian’ and never envisaged that his sources documents would be accessible to the public? It is rather disappointing when students may come across such discrepancies when part of the academic literacies skill set we teach first year undergraduates is the importance of appropriate referencing techniques.

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