Marking & Grading Playlist

Here is the playlist I am listening to whilst marking and grading papers.

It is a measure of soothing melancholia and aggressive upbeat tracks, all with a suitable dose of irony:

1. “Be Still” Killers

2. “Best Around” Dana Buoy

3. “Cuntry Boys & City Girls” The Fratellis

4. “Stress” Justice (I am pretty sure this is designed to make the listener feel stressed)

5. “Out of the Blue” Julian Casablancas

6. “Stay Awake” Example

7. “I Get Wet” Andrew W.K.

8. “Fail Epic” The Presets

9. “Burn Bridges” The GratesĀ (I like this clip, has a bloke on a treadmill)

10. “This Too Shall Pass” Ok GO (official Rube Goldberg Machine version, good way to pass 5min or so)